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“The world’s a puzzle; no need to make sense out of it.” — Socrates

Socrates was probably hinting at the inherent nature of Nature which is beyond the scope of articulation. Nature have always puzzled human intelligence and humanity always tried to solve the riddle either by a priori synthesis which is commonly known as oriental philosophy belonging to different cultures of the world and also what is seen in the modern age of enlightenment as the analytical a posteriori.

Prudery is a byproduct of civilization. Cavemen cannot be imagined as subject to this subtle vice. They were protected by a natural honesty. Later on, in the progressive development of human life through different phases, sex became taboo. The sacred became contrasted with the profane, in the name of unseen values. Doctrines of original sin and man’s fall from his birthright of purity, and salvation through grace or merit began to influence the human conscience. Sex and sin have been considered almost synonymous in the religious context. …

When we perceive the external world with our eyes, it assumes the qualities of having form and color. These are the visual images of what is seen. We do not know whether the external world has the forms exactly as we see them or has the colors it seems to have. After all, our visual world results from the impact of light, and that light appears to us as objects.

Relationships are an integral part of our lives. It is the union of two people physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Success in this coming together is measured by the happiness and well-being in all aspects of their existence. People often get into trouble with their lopsided attitude and over expectation from a married life. They forget that accepting a person to share their life is also accepting their beingness which naturally constitutes both good and bad. This we take for granted.

Observers are powerful players in the quantum world. According to the theory, particles can be in several places or states at once — this is called a superposition. But oddly, this is only the case when they aren’t observed. The second you observe a quantum system, it picks a specific location or state — breaking the superposition. The fact that nature behaves this way has been proven multiple times in the lab — for example, in the famous double slit experiment.

There is an innate homogeneity in creation. A fetus is born from the combination of sperm and egg of the parents, both of these are a modification of food that came from plants or animals in nature. The same human body is sustained with food and finally dissolves back to food. Food is a natural product of the synthesis of the five fundamental elements (bhutas). In the scheme of Sankhyan evolution, the five elements cannot exist in a pure form independent of one another; rather they combine according to a certain scheme of proportion. …

“The meaning of life is this: that it has no meaning to say that life has no meaning — Niels Bohr”

Aristotle, in his Nicomachean Ethics, takes up the question of the meaning of life. He begins his study by putting the question, “What is it that distinguishes man from the rest of beings, and that determines the meaning of his life?” One thing that separates us from the rest is that we are the only animal that writes poetry, that builds schools and colleges, writes books and stores them, and has developed a vocabulary consisting of thousands of words covering all shades of meaning and embodying a large number of concepts. In short, we can say that man excels in…

When we get into a state of emotional crisis or a depression we might say “I don’t see any light” or “I am in a state of absolute darkness.” There is a contradiction in this statement that we miss to see due to our negative attitude, which is that for us to know we are in a state of ignorance implies a degree of knowledge. If there was no knowledge at all, one would not even see that one was in a state of darkness. There is a self-luminous light of knowledge always flickering within us. It is not which…

അറിവിലുമേറിയറിഞ്ഞീടുന്നവന്‍ തന്നു-
രുവിലുമൊത്തു പുറത്തുമുജ്ജ്വലിക്കും
കരുവിനു കണ്ണുകളഞ്ചുമുള്ളടക്കി
ത്തെരുതെരെ വീണുവണങ്ങിയോതിടേണം.

amr·tasya putrā

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